Ghetto Floorball

Ghetto Floorball goes international!

Ghetto Floorball

Ghetto Floorball

28. jūnijs, 2023, 15:45

Ghetto Floorball is street floorball played on the asphalt, 3 against 3 on the small goals. Already in its 10th season, we are ready to go beyond the Latvian borders to the region that floorball calls home—the Nordics. 

Tallinn, as one of the potential proteges of the floorball world, is an amazing spot for our very first international tournament, as Latvia and Estonia already has an established relationship there. But let's hear more about the tournament:



Estonian Maritime Museum at the Seaplane Harbour.


15. July, 2023, insert time


3x3 floorball in 6 different categories:

  • U12


  • U14


  • U16


  • U19


  • 20+


  • Lady


1vs1 in 2 different age categories:

  • U14


  • 15+


Shootouts against the goalie


Sounds amazing, no? 



Explanations for each group:

3x3 floorball is a game on a 15x10m field with 3 people from each team on the field and one on the side.

Game time is 6 minutes, with change of the sides in the middle

1vs1 is a duel on a 3x3m field, the winner is determined by the number of goals.

Shootout teams consist of 3-4 players + a goalie. Each team has to carry out four shots on the other team's goalie, and whichever team has the best +/- wins.



The best from 1vs1 15+ will receive a ticket to participate in the 1vs1 final in Riga on August 8 against the other 7 winners and get the chance to win a trip to the Swedish Super League final in April.

The best team from the shootouts will receive a ticket to participate in the Shootout final in Riga on August 8 against the other 3 winners and win the “Masters of Skill” title

The best from U19, ladies, and 20+ will receive a ticket to play in the Superfinal on August 8 in Riga. The best team from U19 and 20+ in the Superfinal will also win the trip to the Swedish Super League final in April.

Each TOP 3 will receive additional prizes from Ghetto Games.



3vs3 in U12, U14, U16, LADY - 20 euros

3vs3 U19, 20+ - 20 euros

1vs1 - 5 euros

Shootouts - 20 euros


Be there or be square, as this is just a fraction of Ghetto Games activities, which also include:

Basketball, Football, Dance, Fight and so much more!