Ghetto eGames CS:GO Season 1

We're here to announce that we're reorganizing the CS:GO Season 1. The previous (most recent) Tournament is hereby reorganized as the first (1st) Cup of this Season. The following season will consist of 6 more cups - one every month, from February to July. Season's Finals in August 2021 will consist of 8 Teams, 6 of whom will have acquired the highest points throughout the Season and 2 invited Teams from the Ghetto eGames. 
The prize pool for each Cup will remain 1000.00 EUR. Season's Finals' Prize pool - TBA.

We have partnered with GOEXANIMOESPORT.LV to organize the Tournament on the FACEIT platform more efficiently, and to widen the Baltic eSports scene!
Tournament's Sponsor - Scandiweb.

Want to know how to be among those best six teams?
Each Team participating in Ghetto eGames CS:GO Season 1 Cups gains Ranking Points, which depends on their final standing in the Cup they play in. Best ranked Teams at the end of the season will participate in the above-mentioned Season Finals.

Here's the new Season Ranking Point system:
First place – 150 points;
Second place – 130 points;
Places 3-4 – 100 points;
5th-8th – 80 points;
9th-16th – 70 points;
17th-32nd – 60 points;
33rd-36th – 40 points;
37th-48th – 30 points;
49th-64th – 20 points.