Paldies visiem, kas bija daļa no ceturtdien notikušā "Ticket to Moscow Open" turnīra!
It always is a great experience meeting your idol for the very first time
Šodien @ghettobasket turnīru aizvadām Rīgas Centrāltirgū, tāpēc laikapstākļi nav šķērslis, lai izbaudītu fantastisku ceturtdienas turnīru. Jau pēc īsa brīža sākam "Ticket to Moscow Open". Ja nevari būt klāt – pieslēdzies tiešraidei #GhettoBasket #GhettoLady #TicketToMoscowOpen
After totally amazing "Ghetto Kings of Air" Slam Dunk Championship yesterday everyone deserves a good rest and what's better than a great adventure and new experience?! Work hard, play hard
@therealfrequentflyer hovers over 7 people and dunks in – a perfect combination of race and power. It was lit!
Spectacular and great performed dunk that brought @everybody_hatechriss a victory in "Ghetto Kings of Air 2017". That was totally amazing!
This year we have a brand new king, favorite dunker of all the ladies, the one and only @everybody_hatechriss Congrats!
The winner of #KingsofAir 2017 @everybody_hatechriss! Congrats men, it was dope!
This evening was filled with dope dunks!
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